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10 Episodes   x   30 min   |  Comedy

Five Stars

Martin works for a digital newspaper in Los Angeles, after graduating in philosophy in New York University.
An editor invites him to present a project in the Big Apple and Martin takes the risk using a vacation day to go.
In New York, Martin looks up for Victoria, his collega days girlfriend. They meet in a cafe and they move into a one night romance.
Martin returns to Los Angeles and discovers he is 

replaced at his job after discovering his trip reason.
Victoria and Martin stay in romantic contact via social networks, while Martin secretly looks for another job.

As he needs of urgent cash, he takes what he has handy. Cellphone + car = Uber Driver.
Martin apologizes to Victoria for the little time he has to spend with her, not revealing his news.

From his first trip, he starts discovering the streets he is not used to.  Car needs, courtesy to customers, time and fuel optimization, all for only thing: Making money.
Victoria notices Martin's mood swings with every call.

She fears that he has hidden reasons and proposes "not to disturb him." Martin reacts and risks embarrassment, before rushing away. Victoria is happy that he trusts her instead of pretending to be perfect. Thus, they sharing Los Angeles, transit nights, talking on video call in-between passengers. The problem becomes fun. However, the uncertainty of when to meet in person grows ... if he doesn't find a better job.
The purpose of paying bills with Uber, moves up to earn more and afford a flight to see Victoria. He undertakes it without telling her, understanding that the key is the qualification of his passengers. "5 stars".
For this you must be condescending and entertaining with every kind of passenger. Any distance, time, type or client's status, must give him maximum qualification. Thus, he endures incredible cases that challenge his resistance, in hilarious ways.
Amidst laughs, Victoria seems to shrink her attention,  focusing on personal things. Her absences disturb Martin and he increases his efforts to drive countless hours, until he gets his 5 Stars, raising enough money for the flight, .

Upon arriving in New York, he surprises her as expected, but feels that she is hiding something. Martin thinks of staying and start driving in NY, but Victoria dismisses the idea. She takes Martin to a meeting at a publisher friend's office, who gives him a contract to write a book based on the sociological experience of his travels, compiled by Victoria.

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