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10 Episodes  x 45 min | Comedy

Times Two

   EDUARDO and PATRICIA RAMIREZ, are a married couple of a Mexican and a Colombian, with their children LUCAS and CAMILA born in Buenos Aires, now living in Los Angeles.
   They are a contemporary family with the luck to stay together, against so many divorced, fashionable today. With much sacrifice from both parents, they live in a posh suburban neighborhood, working hard to give their children a good life. However, it is difficult for them to match the standard of their children's friends in this neighborhood. This leads to frequent stresses of getting into financial difficulties.

   Witnessing these moments, Lucas and Camila believe they have a better idea for all: Cause them to separate and obtain care and benefits from each parent on their own, taking advantage of pushing them to find better company to spend their lives.
    They start by creating parallel accounts on social networks. They take photos of them which they electronically hack and manipulate their messages, leaving false tracks of infidelity.

Parents begin to see traces of non-existent lovers. However, their deep love makes them understand and forgive each other ridiculously several times, against the children's attempts.

   Stubborn in their project, Lucas and Camila use extreme resources, such as explainable gifts and fake dates with men and women, using their savings to pay actors.

Soon the Eduardo and Patricia feel the impact of these attempts and begin to lose their magic, with fights that little by little make them fall into the trap ... and they separate.
   Lucas and Camila celebrate, because they will get what they wanted. Double the gifts, double vacations, and all the guilty parents, who consent to them more than before.

   In addition, they are satisfied that Eduardo and Patricia will have a happier future ...

The actors follow the wave and end up truly falling in love with Eduardo and Patricia.

But for them the brilliance of novelty is beginning to fade. Eduardo and Patricia miss each other ...

   The divorce process begins and the parents decide to involve their children in every step and decision. Thus Lucas and Camila begin to see that their parents are not going towards a happier future ... and they notice that they themselves are losing something much more valuable than gifts ... The daily happiness of the family.

Lucas and Camila must plan and execute the reversal of the situation, without discovering what they did. They quote the actors to now pay them to get away, but it will cost more than that, since they are now in love with their parents ...

   The mischief becomes a challenge that leads Eduardo, Patricia, Lucas and Camila to review many aspects of life and learn to defend what is truly most important, the true two for one. That of two parents in one home.

As an epilogue, we will see that the union was always present, since the parents had discovered the plan from day one ... and went with the flow, waiting for Lucas and Camila to react.

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