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120 min feature Film   /   7 Episodes   x   30 min   |   Comedy 

Day 7

   Rafael Gonzales, El Rafa, is a feared criminal, known for his effectiveness and clandestinity.

   His low profile is teamed by his beautiful "henchwomen" and lovers Antonia and Mariela, nicknamed Lilí and Lulú, with whom there is a magnetic code of loyalty and trust, almost family... Thie is completed with his mobster best friend Nacho. Rafael's clients are from the dark side, but sometimes from law enforcement too.

   One day, in a large-scale conjunction where his contacts got mixed up, an enemy group conspires with a federal agency and murders their best friend, treacherously.

   Rafael decides to avenge his friend, but not with just a "tit for tat." He sets up a mission against these forces combo and plans a masterstroke. After getting the last piece ready to execute the plan to be embodied 7 days later,  Rafa and his women enter to party on an unbridled sexual threesome with drugs and alcohol until the 3 of them fall exhausted... and next morning, Rafael is dead.

    Following Rafael's philosophy, the desperate women activate a protocol they rehearsed several times, in anticipation of tragedies,  without foreseeing the presence of a fourth leg outside the family. Alex, who calls that morning by video call.

     Taken by surprise, Lilí and Lulú pretend Rafael is alive, making love with them... on screen! Once Alex hangs up,   they decide to stay pretending Rafa is alive for the next 6 days, to execute the plan and earn the loot.

      Everything develops in hilarious ways, until the end, when revenge plan gets twisted.

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