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We instruct all members to work from home as much as possible.
We provide facial covers for all members with its necessary daily washing.

COVID-19 training sessions are provided and documented for all members, including information about the virus and all necessary security measures. Extending copies of this protocol for each member.


The date, time and participants of all production sessions will be recorded for later reference in case someone who participates in it, results diagnosed COVID-19 and / or positive.


We integrate a tailored medical team, which includes a COVID-19 Officer (C19CO) or several if necessary, responsible for establishing and enforcing COVID-19 safety protocols, training our staff on said protocols and supervise compliance with them, everything outlined in this document. This COVID-19 Officer signs in for his civil responsibility to ensure the privacy protection of any record created during his work, assisting in the following procedures:


  • Health control of members, suppliers and visitors upon arrival at the workplace.
    A private and secure record will be kept at all times.


  • Feedback to improve procedures related to COVID-19.


  • Evaluation of the work plan for all activities to ensure social distancing, infection control and disinfection.


  • Record of date, time, spaces and activities of each member of the session for later reference, in case a member is diagnosed with COVID-19.


  • Execute procedure for members with signs compatible with COVID-19 and / or any member who tests positive for COVID-19.


  • Control of personal protective equipment (PPE) and infection prevention supplies needed at work. This includes mask, hand sanitizer, general sanitizers and (when needed) gloves, mobile hand washing stations, and any other equipment or supplies that are needed.


  • Control that work processes are reconfigured as much as possible to increase the opportunities for members to work from home.


  • Control that all members and visitors wear a cloth face mask whenever they are in contact with others, unless the production activity does not allow the use of face masks. Such cases should be of short duration and with the greatest physical distance possible.

  • Ensure that vulnerable personnel (those over 65 and / or those with chronic health conditions) only have tasks that can be performed from home whenever possible.


  • Communicate with all members to indicate that they do not attend their workplace if they have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, have tested positive for COVID-19, or have been in contact with a COVID-19 case and have been informed to continue the DPH guidance for self-isolation or quarantine as appropriate, and of course, please communicate this to production as far in advance as possible.


  • Ensure that workers receive information about government sponsored leave benefits, so that the member can have access to receive what would make it financially easier to stay at home. (Fulfilling Executive Order of the Governor N-62-20.)


Other health mechanism devices of our services are outlined below


Symptom checks will be performed before members can enter the workspace. The verification of the symptoms includes a control of cough, shortness of breath or fever and any other symptom compatible with COVID-19 that any member may experience. These checks will be done remotely or in person when the members arrive at the workplace, checking temperature, always maintaining privacy and a secure record.


All members in contact with the public or other members during their shifts will wear a mask, provided by the production, at no cost.


All workstations will maintain six foot separation. Break rooms, restrooms, and other common areas are disinfected frequently, according to the necessary schedule.


Member breaks will be staggered, staggered, to ensure that six (6) feet of distance can be maintained at all times between break rooms or other common areas such as waiting rooms for talents and other members.


Members are prohibited from eating or drinking anywhere other than in designated areas, with staggered hours, to maintain constant and correct security.


All related supplies, including disinfectants and others, are available to members in each work environment.


Members are allowed and encouraged to take frequent breaks to wash their hands


Each worker is assigned his own tools, equipment and a defined workspace as much as possible.


All shared equipment, microphones and tools are disinfected after each use

All shared clothing is washed after each use. All wigs or other shared prosthetics are disinfected after each use.



Provision of a written production design protocol, before starting the activities to ensure a physical distance of six (6) feet or more of distance between people throughout the production, and thus ensure:


Only the specific cast and production crew are on or near the active set.


Production or editing meetings are limited to essential personnel in areas with social distancing.


When cast participation requires excluding the cover, they should strive to maintain a minimum of 8 feet of social distance during rehearsals or performance.


In case of using an audience for a production, said people will sit at least 6 feet away from each other, with masks whenever possible, limiting themselves to 100 people or 25% of the maximum occupancy of the space, whichever is less, depending on regulation of the City of Los Angeles.


The same group of members of the production should serve as audiences during the production whenever possible.


If feasible, work spaces will be organized for one-way traffic avoiding crowding at the doors.


The capacity of the elevators will be limited to the number of people that can be accommodated keeping a physical distance of six (6) feet between passengers. All people using the elevator must wear a mask.


To facilitate elevator traffic, stairs will be opened with greater cleaning of them.


The furniture in the lobbies and the members' break rooms, the green rooms and the trailers and other common areas are separated by at least six (6) feet to respect social distancing.


All workshops (props, clothing, design, electrical equipment) and manufacturing sites in the batch work with customers by appointment to avoid the formation of lines or groups.





Contracts, scripts, scores and all other documents that are normally distributed in

They are now digitally transferred or printed and assigned individually to cast, production team and musicians to prevent such documents from being shared.


Before and after filming or recording sessions, group editing and other gatherings, frequently touched objects (e.g. tables, doorknobs or door handles, printers, accessories, common equipment) are disinfected with disinfectants approved by the EPA


Sets / stages, production spaces, and the entire facility are cleaned at least daily.


Bathrooms and frequently touched areas / objects are repeatedly cleaned.


All members are instructed to wear a mask at all times, except individuals with chronic respiratory conditions or other medical conditions that make the use of a mask dangerous.


Hand sanitizer, tissues and trash cans are available near entrances to all facilities, offices and recording studios, near a set and on locations.


More easily sanitizable props, costumes, and stage materials are prioritized.


The cast and crew must wear masks and wash or sanitize their hands

before touching props, costumes, or set materials. During filming, the cast can use these items without wearing a mask.


The props, costumes and stage equipment must be disinfected before their first use on the set and between the uses of the different actors.


When possible, the cast will bring their own props (eg cell phone) and costumes to avoid sharing them on the premises.


Trucks and other vehicles must be disinfected after each use.






A copy of this protocol is provided to all persons, who play any role within the production company, who enter the establishment or the set of facilities.


Posters are posted throughout the workplace to convey the following information:


A mask is required to enter the facilities.


Entry of people with symptoms or positive diagnosis of COVID-19 is not allowed


Number of capacity limits for specific meeting rooms, break rooms, dining rooms, recording rooms, film sets and vehicles (placed at the entrance of these venues or just outside of them).


Procedure for checking symptoms in access and circulation areas.


Contact information for the COVID-19 Compliance Officer (C19CO) on set.






Remotely, through tools such as videoconferencing, as far as possible.


When hearing in person is used, it is done under the following requirements:


Appointment scheduling to avoid overcrowding. Open calls are not allowed.


All people who attend the audition will wear masks, while not auditioning.


Digital only script delivery.


Multi-person auditions must keep at least six (6) feet apart


Waiting for the hearing must maintain all the rules of social distance and protection





All actors and production crew will wash or sanitize their hands before handling any food.


No food will be provided in buffets, or community food or beverage services (or coffee maker)


All food and drink will be provided in individual, prepackaged servings.


Dining tables will be provided, requiring people to eat in turns, with seating areas large enough to allow physical distance of six (6) feet or more.


Any food that is brought by people must be labeled and cannot be shared.





The assistance with the hands of these services should be limited only to the actors who require it and cannot do it themselves.


Actors and production crew should wash or sanitize their hands before any

styling session or wardrobe and wearing a mask as much as possible. During the application of makeup, since the use of a mask cannot be counted on, the actor should remain as quiet as possible to avoid spreading drops when speaking.






The search for locations is carried out virtually or in a photographic way whenever possible.


A security service is provided for locations with public access.


The locations are chosen considering enough space to allow the social distancing of the entire cast and production team, as well as the common areas for regular services / dining rooms and all other work areas.


The rental or access time to the location considers in its production design, the extra time necessary for the secure search of the place and for the hygiene of the hands and the repeated disinfection of the surfaces.


Outdoor spaces or open and spacious interior spaces are inherently safer by virtue of providing greater ability to achieve social distancing and / or ventilation.


Small interior spaces without ventilation will NOT be accepted unless extreme circumstances justify it and their protection is efficiently ensured.





A work outline and a COVID-19 safety protocol will be written, distributed and on view, before filming begins.


A record will be kept of all actors and production team participating in the filming

In the event that a contact tracing is necessary in the case of illness or that the viral test of an actor or a member of the production team is positive.


Only essential cast and production equipment should be on or near the set at any one time.

moment and social distancing must be maintained.


If transportation is needed between filming locations, larger capacity vehicles will be used where possible, to allow for social distancing, as much as possible, by establishing a passenger capacity and posted on the side of the vehicle.

The use of a mask will be required for all passengers (including the cast) and the driver and the opening of the windows, if possible, during the entire trip.





If one or more members are reported to test positive or have symptoms consistent with COVD-19 (case), the guidelines required by Los Angeles County will be followed to:


Immediately send the sick member home or call 911 in case of sudden severity.


Production will be suspended to clean and disinfect all areas touched by the sick or infected member, in time and space according to the case.


Any other member or any other person who had close contact with the sick member will be identified and will proceed to activate the procedures of the quarantine guide at, safeguarding the name of the sick member to maintain preservation your right to medical privacy.


The protocol will be implemented so that all related members have access to or are screened for COVID-19 to determine additional infections in the workplace. Without exception, individuals who test negative must complete the 14-day quarantine.


The member may return to the workplace when he / she does not have a fever continuously for at least three (3) full days and the respiratory symptoms are improving, with a minimum absence of ten (10) days from the beginning of the symptoms.


Any member who tests positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus and is asymptomatic, may return to the workplace after 10 days have elapsed from the date on which the test was positive.


If your physical condition allows it, and your task is commensurate, you can continue tele-working remotely.


Any other member or any other person who had close contact with the sick member will be identified.


Any member who knows of three (3) or more cases of COVID-19 in the workplace in a 14-day period, that group will be reported to the Department of Public Health to obtain additional infection control guidelines to help guide the establishment's response.

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