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12 Episodes   x   45 min   |   Crime 

Border Babe

   Martha Sand suffers from BPD, "Extreme Personality Disorder" or "border" due to her traumatic childhood as a North American immigrant in Mexico


   Her father, Peter Sand, came for his job with the family. He used to travel a lot on business, and when he returned he used to dedicate his time to Martha.

   When Martha was a teenager, her father mysteriously disappeared and police reported a possible relationship with a drug trafficking organization.

   For the family it was a catastrophe and devastating for Martha.

   Armand, Martha's older brother, went back to El Paso, Texas.

   Their mother, Helen, moved with Martha to another city, fearful for their lives. Helen changed Martha's hair to a dark color to go to a new school, now naming her Martina Arena.

   The drama of the loss of father, the tension with her mother's boyfriend and the new school, developed Martha's BOP, how got to believe that finding the truth about her father was the way out of her trauma, leading  her to hunger for revenge.

   Although she feels contained, her BDP persists and so does her obsession with her father, which disrupts the Cartel she started working for and unleashes a plan to betray her.  Martina manages to escape them through the desert, chased by hunting dogs. She changes her clothes with those of an abandoned dead woman, crushes the corpse's face with a stone and manages to mislead the hunt dogs coming after her, finally arriving in the USA.

Martina searches for her brother, who offers her a place to stay and offers her a job in a DEA group called Los Halcones, to use her knowledge to go after anti-drug forces, now again as Martha Sand.

In this she can be good and respected ... and she will also have legal access to investigate the truth about her father

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