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12 Episodes   x   45 min   |   Sports 

Loving Champions

   Following our acclaimed documentary Loving Maradona, we promote our Loving Champions series, where in each episode, we investigate and expose the phenomena of fanaticism for an international athlete.

   Among the most common facts for each character, there are:


Tattoos, different parts and reasons; Songs, created for the athlete;

Fan feats to reach your idol;

Anecdotes with pre-fame friends;

Family always the most real fans;

Special parties, farewells or others;

Fan Clubs and their travels following their athlete;

Monuments named after the athlete; Athlete charities;

Conflicts by hyper fanatics;
Remote locations with athlete fans.


The first listed athletes are:


Leonel Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo


Andres Iniesta

Enzo Francescoli

Luis Suarez

Pibe Valderrama

Neymar da Silva

Jose Chilavert

Diego Maradona

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