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12 Episodes x 45 min | Drama

Aurelia, The Soldieress

   AURELIA, is a vivacious young woman who enjoys racing horseback riding with her male stepbrothers, on her family's farm. Her stepfather, JOSEFO, constantly punishes her for her lack of femininity.
   Trying to make her work, Josefo sends Aurelia to the town, where she falls in love with IGNACIO, a young man who understands and enjoys Aurelia. He teaches her to shoot with weapons and to fight with her body ... although this ends up lending itself to the most romantic passion ... which is what they really care about.
   In one of the encounters, the town is invaded by the oppressive government. Ignacio takes up his arms to defend his people, in the face of a brutal massacre from which he must flee. She returns home heartless.
   Then the government kidnaps Aurelia to work as a slave, in the house of a landowner who tries to rape her. Aurelia defends herself as Ignacio taught her and kills the boss, having to flee the government.
   Seeking refuge, she meets a group of rebels who mock Aurelia's wishes for battle. However, she achieves the support of EUCADIA, who helps the cause financially. She teaches Aurelia to dress like a man and introduce her as a new soldier. Thus, Aurelia continues her search.
   Under the name Aurelio, she begins her new life. Her passion in combat leads her to grow in ranks, participating in historic battles for the revolution. Due to her capacity as a soldier, Villa y Zapata becomes a trusted person, always disguised as a man.
  Soon, her new role will make her confuse her sexual desires, leading her to fall in love with Ángeles and other women whom she enlists in her regiment, even longing for Ignacio who seems lost forever.
   Between battles in different cities, she confronts whoever was pursuing her for the murder, but manages to get rid of him and free herself from permanent paranoia. Likewise, it is too late to return to her feminine identity. With that, he would gain the mistrust of his current bosses ... There are no illusions of signs from Ignacio and she is accompanied by her new love, MERCEDES.
   Some time later, already with a high military lameness and a heroic trajectory, Aurelia and Ignacio meet in a city where a great revolutionary battle is being fought.
   The meeting inflames Aurelia's romantic memory, but it also corners her in another battle: Her new preferences and deep love for Mercedes.
   Many years later, with the revolution already in history books, the octogenarian Aurelia becomes the only woman awarded the Legion of Honor of War in Mexico, receiving the decoration at a gala event accompanied by both Mercedes and Ignacio .

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