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12 episodes x 45 min  I  Crime


   Integrating an anti-drug trafficking command in the "Border Line" between Mexico and the USA, Raymond suffers from a psychological condition also known as Borderline Personality Disorder.

Symptoms of BDP are a frequent,

erratic and extreme variant of humor,

whose origin in Raymond is his dramatic story.

   As American immigrants in Mexico, he loses his father killed by a cartel.

When he grows up he calls himself Ramón and infiltrates that cartel until he is discovered, and escapes back to the USA.

   Ramón moves in with his sister, who lives in Tucson married to an American an anti-narco chief, who recruits Raymond as an undercover agent.

   Going back to using his American name,

Raymond lets his hair grow in his blonde color, to now be concealed in the opposite way.

   Upon entering that world, from the other side, Raymond must fight with the tension  of his “Borderline” personality, triggered by his own agendas and loaded with resentment.

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