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10 Episodes   x   30 min   |   Family 


   The Sand family moves to California for dad,  Whyatt Sand's new job.

   Mom nicknamed "Sea", is a fitness instructor.
Their 6 year old daughter "Warm" is the happy and romantic spirit of the family.

Her 10-year-old son "Bright" is a talented drummer but is mocked by her new teammates because of her curious name. "Bright Sand".

   Every day Warm and Bright walk from school to Sea's gym and spend their afternoons doing homework or playing music in one of the empty training rooms.

   One afternoon, a power outage comes down during Sea's class and Bright plays beats on some  drums to help his mother finish her class.

   Everyone in the gym discovers the musical talent of Bright, who next day becomes the great comment of the school. Thus, he gains popularity among his peers, who join Bright family's lifestyle.

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