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10 Episodes   x   30 min   |   Family 


    Successful singers Luisin and Juanel fly in their private jet from concert to concert. They always talk about the women in their shows and propose to announce a game: Discover the most beautiful woman of the night... Then they will secretly compete to win her love.

   At their next town, the admirers find out and make plans. Luisin and Juanel are enthusiastic about the echo of the situation and announce a prize for the chosen girl, in addition to an opportunity to date the winner.


    María and Pedro are a couple of young theater actors who discover the plan and are outraged at the flagrant use of transactional sexuality.  Willing to mock the project,  they call a friend who is an expert in makeup, to help disguising Pedro as "Petra."


   At the event, Petra makes Luisin and Juanel see her from the stage and make her go up. Petra looks extremely beautiful, overwhelmingly sensual, with a very seductive attitude, admired by the public. Luisin and Juanel dance and seduce Petra, pretending to fight for her.

   After a while ... they seem to have a serious fight.

They ask the  manager to take her backstage and hold her for them. The situation between Luisin and Juanel becomes tense and they establish rules. What each one can and cannot do and also, what they must do as a condition to continue in the race.  

   Petra feels unable to reveal that she is a man, an actor, fearing to ruin his future . Although he could be seen as a great actor, he could also be attacked by discriminated sectors. Petra discovers the conditions of Luisin and Juanel's plan, with a list of guidelines until the final moment when they both ask Petra out, for her to chose.       Petra looks out for help from María, who tells Petra  t play the difficult girl as much as possible,  so difficult that they do not want her anymore. Maria undertakes to teach Petra how to seduce and reject them over and over again, leaving them dead with desire.

    In this process, Petra discovers the men behind the names in the singers and the women behind the love in Maria. This is slowly changing the game.

    Thus, he/she discovers the reasons for humanities and brutalities in men and also the challenge of being a woman, harassed by men of power.

    Petra, will go from trying to escape them, to  outwitting them, with the femininity of a woman and the courage of a man.  Thus, CaZanovas will be like a romantic comedy full of sensual and laughter scenes, with the suspense growing towards the end for Petra to reveal her identity to the world, which will lead to a message of conscience about respect between men and women.

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