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10 Episodes  x 30 min | Documentary 


   From a candid and still profound perspective, this series will talk about the future of humanity through children interests and imagination In conversations with relatives, combined with artistic images about these children lifestyle, in the different social segments of selected territories in the world.


 What do children like about the world?

 What is it that children do not like about the world?

 What is it that children fear in this world?

 What do children dream for this world?

  Considering their socio-economic and cultural origins, in each episode we will explore coincidences and differences between the regions, interviewing children of opposite realities, in search of common inspirations. All as we portray their lives with their families and societies they live with, through the eyes of the talented photography artists renowned in their own territories.

  The production values will have these key features:

A -   A child conversation of a child with a member of his or her family,

  talking about how they imagine and dream the world would be in the future.

B –  A local professional photographer, taking long distance pictures and videos  of them and their environment, including home, neighborhood and city.

C -   A narrator explaining the contrast of actual life facts and options to achieve children dreams.

D -   Alternatively we could have remote digital interviews with specialists

  For the first run of this TV series, we plan to reach and setup children and families from all Latin-American territories, including Chile Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.

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