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12 Episodes  x 45 min | Crime

Acapulco Godess 

Acapulco grow in Narco-terrorism attack, bleeding out its impoverishing city, all by the hand  of a Northern Mexican cartel's dissident now known as "La Diosa".

With her Diamond's Cartel, he pursues the Port of Acapulco clandestine control to traffic from West Central America  continent to Asia,.

The Mexican government asks USA government for help to support their army. CIA leader, Martin, discovers a woman in Acapulco who attracts the terrorists to her fashion and glamor business.
He finds out she is a former agent named Ashley Hunter, who disappeared on mission in Colombia and got rescued
 by a guy named Juan, with whom she escaped to Mexico and changed her face and identity to Astrid Cazador.

Although she vowed never return to crime fighting, after Juan helped her restart her life, Martín proposes to meet, and asks her help in his mission.

Astrid declines, blaming him and USA for abandoning her in Colombia..

Narcos attacks get rougher, kidnapping Juan on the name of The Goddess and Astrid gives in to join the fight. 

Understanding the frivolity of the narcos, they set up a scheme in Astrid's store, Acapulco Hot.


One of his best clients named Eddie, frequently sends his girlfriend to buy luxury jewels, leading Astrid to discover that he, Eddie,  is "The Goddess."

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