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120 min Feature Film   /   10 Episodes x 30 min | Comedy


   Two handsome and daring young models

 leave their remote town to a big city wher they were accepted for an international fashion show.
   They discover the dazzling means of this world, which combines luxury, vanity, fun and beautiful women and decide to stay for a while.

   They have fun with beautiful models in the city, falsifying their identities and social status, finding ways to survive throughout  without 
modeling gigs.

     With the power of their handsome looks and conquering charm, they meet a businessman who seems to have everything in life... except what these two models have. Beautiful girls.

    This roads-crossing results in fun deal: 
The businessman finances these boys lives, in exchange for them bringing himbeautiful girls.

    However, girls do not lend themselves so easily to the game, when this businessman power lacks of clarity... and ends discovering he is nothing but the butler of a rich lusting criminal.

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