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N Episodes  x 45 min | Cooking Game

The Party Cake

   3 bakeries from a big city, will compete to win the account of a Great Party cake, for Sweet Sixteen or similar, according to the territory or community but always for a young girl from an identified community.

  The competition could vary to be between master pastry chefs, rather than pastry shops. As the show develops, the cakes could also be for other types of parties.

   Being a competition, we established scores and/or eliminations to assign prizes and losses.

   Whoever has the fewest points will be eliminated first, will not receive any prizes or cost recovery and will have to give up their cake to be donated to a benefit entity (or dispose of the cake on camera.

In no way can they take it to sell it.

   Whoever has the middle score, or was the second to be eliminated, will receive a refund of the cake's material costs and will be allowed to put it up for sale.

   The winner will deliver the cake to the girl and the production will pay her the value of his work, plus the value of the other 2 cakes, all with an official price, preset before the show begins.

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