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12 Episodes  x 45 min | Dramedy

Passions Scale

   It is the story of Maribel, a young adult girl who escapes from a family drama into a new city, with some studies to help her get a job at a record label,

   Despite her envious enemies, Maribel's special relationship with the head of the company, RAFAEL helps her grow unforeseen levels.

   As her career takes off, her long lasted  childhood sweetheart named PEDRO, lands a deal as a new artist with teh company, and she turns to be assigned as the executive in charge of his career to make him into a superstar.

The obstacles get loaded by ambition, envy and crime, caused by the vertigo of success and power and the traumas of her past, that  will challenge the 

relationship between Maribel and Pedro whose final course can change history.

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