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10 Episodes  x 45 min | Comedy

That Cool Chef

    A group of wealthy women register as guests in a luxurious hotel to take an intensive cooking course with a handsome chef who will know how to share ALL of their secrets with each one, encouraged by the money from each of them that they pay just to get his personalized attention… romantic attention.

   Each one of her tries to win over the others, changing her looks, doing beauty treatments, gymnastics, and nonsense of all kinds, to try to outshine others and gain the chef's attention in each cooking class,    Although they pay for group classes, each one will have their personalized occasion ...

    Since the chef knows the power of his talents, he will work on his looks out, using exercises, spa sessions or other inventions. that the girls will spy.

   Each week the chef will bring younger girls from cooking schools to intern as assistants, which will irritate his clients.

   In addition, in-between recipes, the chef will have emotional long-distance calls with his mother, whom he calls by her name, generating curiosity and jealousy in his clients.

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