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10 Episodes  x 30 min | Family

S h a p e

   A young PE teacher gets a job in his own high school after graduation.

   It brings an innovative fitness class based on urban dance moves. With no initial support from this very traditional school,
the charming style of the teacher, catch the attention of many of the girls with whom he shares his idea.

   Thanks to this, the teacher gets approval to start an optional course, outside of class time in the gym.

   The overwhelming attendance makes him move the class to the tennis courts, demonstrating the success of his idea with the girls but not as much among the boys.

   One day the school is forced to ask the teacher to help with the soccer team, whose coach was absent. At first, the boys rejected him, but after a solid victory, they invite the professor to the postgame party.

   At the event, the DJ plays one of the songs that the teacher uses in class with the girls. The teacher induces his students to dance a choreography with him and thus brings the boys together.

   This triggers the opportunity to start 

Shape a new kind of fun in the school.

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