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14 Episodes  x 30 min | Documentary


   The Gender Equality Controversy.

A fight for rights and opportunities that always existed, although social and industrial realities kept possibilities restricted and personal struggles secret.

   Thus, brave women made their way to their vocations for participation and influence and although in their times they suffered threats of all kinds and were forced into oblivion, the relentless power of history always makes its way,

    The areas of greatest impact were: Military activity, scientific development, social thoughts, struggles for justice, educational reforms, and political influence.

Some of the outstanding women of this evolution are:

Amelia Robles

Sylvia Rivera

Carolina Herrera

Rigoberta Menchu

Frida khalo

Linda Chavez-Thompson

Conception Picciotto

Alicia Dickerson-Montemayor

Eva Peron

Isabel Peron

The Mirabal sisters

Claudia de la Cruz

Ellen ochoa

Gaby rodriguez

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