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10 Episodes  x 30 min | Comedy


    Gathered by pure luck, to live together in Los Angeles among the 8 million Hispanics who pretend not to speak Spanish, they seek their dreams by temporarily living off simple jobs.

    Persistently, they learn to survive with local tricks and traps, falling in love with false geniuses and telling their families altered versions of their steps, for not to disappoint them.

     Pilar, from Mexico City, wants to be an Actress, while she works as a secretary, meeting phonies who want to abuse her, but she tells family he gets roles in movies that do not screen in Mexico

    Stephie, from Guadalajara, wants to be a singer but works in a concerts'  theater box office, doing managers cash split counts. She tells her family that she is in a music company interviewed by managers every week.

    Guadalupe, from Culiacán, came to USA just to make money for her parents. She works cleaning at a multimedia company in L.A. where they ask to help in production.

    Between  their dreams and the stories they tell, these girls will go through dramas and romances that will lead to help each other, in the economy, the family, love and work matters.

    Pilar and Stephanie will help Guadalupe in her new job before stress makes her leave to return to her country. Guadalupe will help them getting Pilar and Stephanie a job in her company, before a crisis  overtake them.

   Gradually love will come to them with tricks and traps towards their final local settlement.

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