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10 Episodes  x 30 min | Comedy

Babel Hotel

   A group of investors in the cosmopolitan city of Los Angeles, create a new hotel that offers multicultural services as their company's flagship to bring guests from all over Latin America.
   The cultural origins are so many that "understanding" is key to their business success.

Inspired by the biblical event, the so-called Hotel Babel hires people from various communities, to cover all dialects.

   Among them, 4 Hispanic women from Mexico City, Argentina, Colombia and Puerto Rico, work in maintenance. Although it seems to be a small task, problems flow with requests from guests whose slangs from their countries bring confusion, sometimes amusing, but bordering on the offensive.

   These women protect each other, in order to take care of their jobs, while covering up their romances in which they fall... bringing more problems

   For business reasons, they rotate the girls according to the indications of the Spanish manager, with excellent handling of slangs  to manipulate situations with information and seduction.

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