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8 Episodes x 45 min | Reality

Kings of Dreams

   8 hot strippers become the main show in a Las Vegas Ladies’ club. 
Clients are women, sometimes hot, sometimes elder, rich, drunk, high and sometimes really strange, but all of them willing to get hands on some sexual dreams.

  A DJ helps every night to be perfect, together with a bar service to make the business shine, but for the women, the only point is these 8 guys, meant to be their Kings of Dreams.

  As in any other job in the world, some relations are easier than others.

Bosses want to make more, spending less. Employees also want to make more, but working less…

But most importantly, in this business most of performers have projects that are the main reason for them to work dancing, making high money to then invest it in their real future.

  Opening a boxing gym for Silk, founding a local football team for Savage, real estates developments for Javier, an online Tax service platform for Bastian, own fashion lines for Pitbull and many other industries to which normal people invest. In some cases, some higher aspirations appear, as the music band dream for Alex and Anthony, dreaming to make it in the urban music world.

  Since these guys know each other very well and share some intimacy, they become supportive to each other. Most of them by helping with connections they get from clients, and some of them by warning about risks. But what they al do is protecting the business goals from the club manager, that wants them to stay with in the performing for him.

  These dancers also have lives out of the club, with relations and obligations, which they gamble every night by making rich women happy, dancing for them and very often moving to go out, sleep, travel, and become sexual toys for them, all for really good money, saving to invest.

  For the great opportunity Alex and Anthony look for, everyone in the team support them with friends and even money, making the 2 brothers to work harder on stage and down in the studio towards, launching their careers as the “Kings of Dreams”.

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