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8 Episodes x 45 min | Documentary

Lilo & Valerie

    Valerie is a 12-year-old young woman, daughter of the Blanes couple, real estate moguls, with whom she lives in a mansion on the outskirts of the city, feeling confined by overprotection.

    Lilo, a 12-year-old orphan girl, living secretly in the attic of an old church converted into a theatre

    The Blanes visit this venue with Valerie 
Lilo watches them from her hiding place.

Dazed out, Valerie takes off from her parents to explore the building and discovers Lilo behind the scenes.

   They share their lives stories and decide to escape together when they see the adults searching for Valerie.

    They look very disoriented for having lived locked up. One in wealth and the other in poverty, but their team work does not go very far, captured by the police and both taken to the Blanes' mansion, where they are locked up.  Valerie in her room and Lilo in the basement.

    This does not separate them.

On the contrary, it leads them to discover an incredible secret that affects the lives of both and many others.

    Together they decide to unveil it and regain their freedom, and free the others from the effect of this malicious secret.

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