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8 Episodes x 45 min | Documentary

L i n k

    4 teenage friends want to start their own rock band, but their parents can't finance it.

   The kids borrow an old guitar and other instruments found in the neighborhood and they search for online videos to learn music on their own.

    Each one in their own way, they improvise songs, record and upload them to social networks.

    One day, a stranger nicknamed Pedrín reaches out online, claiming to know about the business. 

    The kids make fun of him, by making a song that talks about this "nosy idiot."

    Combining laughter and admiration, the nosy Pedrin reveals to be a real rockstar and offers to help them.

    As an acclaimed artis, he uses a nickname to explore the net, which led to meet them and  now to create a band they call "Link."

    Under this premise, Pedrín connects them with other friends-artists, who in each episode give them contributions to record songs that they will publish.

   All this on the way to achieving his first live presentation opportunity.

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