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120 min Feature Film   /   6 Episodes x 45 min | Documentary

Goals for you

    LUIS is a bad student and a rebel\ teenager but skilled soccer player, from a humble split family.

    He is listed in a young division of professional club, but his indiscipline does not help him to thrive.

    At 15 he falls in love with SANDRA, 13, who goes to see him at his games. Luis makes the team pay him for each goal he makes, in order to pay for the bus to visit her.

   Despite their social difference, Sandra's family is fond of Luis's kindness. Understanding his reasons for rebellion, Sandra kelps him improve in school and his sport, where he gets better paid, despite his field temper problems.

    When Luis is 16 and Sandra 14, Sandra's father loses her job and decides to move with family to Barcelona. The farewell is bitter and Luis's world falls.

Crying out every day, Luis thinks of stealing to go see her, and the club takes him there and try to find him a club.

    Luis signs a contract in nearby European country and Sandra moves in with him, being only 16.  She keeps supporting Luis while they learn to grow up together. 

   Luis soon gets teams's captain tittle, but the pressure increase makes his temper fail,  biting a defender... a reaction that makes him be suspended for 7 games. Sandra gets scared and seeks help. She takes him to specialists, but Luis explains that by his explosion makes

him  score goals and get paid, succeeding for her.

    He goes back to play and later on, at the greatest moment of his career Luis falls again, hurting a defender and getting a 10 months ban. Already having an offer for the team of his dreams, Luis needs to work his problem out to afford the contract.

   During the suspension period, they go our of town, to a farm where Sandra helps him again with the best specialists, but now with Luis' cooperation and commitment to now fight  “fight” for her pride.

   He works on controlling his attacks without losing explosiveness. With great public expectations, Luis makes his debut at the club after finishing his treatment, publicly promising not to do hurt anymore.
    Is a promise to football and his fans, but in his heart, a promise to Sandra, the reason for all of his goals.

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