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120 min Feature Film  | Documentary

Luis, the last one

   Peninsula Mitre is one of the most hostile places for mankind.

   The mystique of its area is scary, but this eastern tip of Tierra del Fuego, once a gold basin, is a walking adventurers challenge.

   Surrounded by the most dangerous waters in the world, shipwrecks provide survival resources for the refuge where those who dare to travel the area, are housed.

    This production will portray the peculiar instances of this remote place, including challenges for food, shelter, coexistence with fauna and flora, visitors at risk, shipwrecked and martyrs, in any case, part of the life of the lonely and last man inhabiting the south of the American continent. Luis.

   At 70 years old, he is the guardian of the 3 southernmost ranches in the world, taking care of his own survival in the so-called Rancho Julián, named after a friend washed away by the river to the sea.

    This shelter protects Luis from the sun, rain, hail and snow, all of which can happen within periods of just 6 hours, 2 days on horseback from a Coast Guard post and 70km from a city, without telephone access.

    Thus, Luis shares his life with wild horses and bulls, foxes, condors and llamas, dealing with beaver plagues that cause floods if he dos not shovel the area.

Luis El Ultimo 2021.jpg
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