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120 min Feature Film

Holy Father

   José, a successful businessman and family father, becomes terminally ill. He loses his fortune when his vindictive entourage leaves him. His wife despairs and goes into exile with his children, abandoning him. His brother extends a hand to him, but José decides to end his days as a refugee in a mission, where he is guided by a priest known as Father Jorge, who prefers to hide his Cardinal title.
    José meets Mariana, a naturopathic cook whom he recommends for a job in the mission, since his knowledge of ingredients makes José feel energetic, somewhat relieved and the doctors notice his disease progress slows down.

   With more energy, José helps the mission and starts undertaking a reconnection with his children.
   Dr. Bonifacio, mission's fellow, donates his time to track Jose´s treatment and discovers spontaneous remission of Jose's cancer. Although sterile and with chronic lymphatic impact, José clings to faith that he believes has saved him. Father Jorge encourages him to now seek companionship… perhaps in Mariana, despite being an agnostic.
   Father Jorge is called to attend the next conclave in Rome and is elected Supreme Pontiff, named Pope Francis. He appoints José as his assistant in the mission, who gives in to begin a relationship with Mariana, recently separated from her boyfriend. Soon  after they move in together and Mariana appears pregnant, but… of course… not from José.
    With great bitterness, Dr. Bonifacio offers DNA tests, but Father Jorge recommends José not to resent, but rather forgive and pray for the 3 as a group, accepting it as an  opportunity to have a new family.
   José accepts the challenge and continues with Mariana. Life risks arise for her and the baby, indicating to rest.           Bored at home, tensions grows on  Mariana opposed to José's faith. She suffers a bleed and the baby is declared lost, preparing a scraping for 15 days later.
    While waiting for that date, José stays praying for health and miracles, as directly advised by Pope Francis

     One night he notices movement in Mariana's belly. Frightened by his religious delirium, she demands to anticipate her scraping, but at the clinic they discover that the baby is alive.
    A beautiful girl is born called Francisca, after the Pope. José remains bitter about the future paternity revelation, but decides to accept Father Jorge's idea of ​​“choosing” to be the father.
    With strange personal interest, Dr. Bonifacio appears at José and Mariana's house with a secretly
made DNA test. Mariana, in shock, confesses that Dr. Bonifacio is her ex-boyfriend, but claims only to love José, who calls police.  

Before taking the Dr. away,  they open the test he brings, which indicates Francisca being 99% José's daughter.
    The Pope, Father Jorge, finally receives and blesses Francisca in public, in the arms of José and Mariana.

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