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10 episodes x 45 min  I  Documentary


   A docu-drama series about how urban styles and trends have been portraying social changes in human societies, along decades in the last century, creating the scenario for today’s diversity


   A young group of kids interested in rebel against the establishment, discover a curious family tree book of one them that shows images from ancestors all through the 20th century, with a story line of family crisis around teenager members challenging adults and even laws, always portrayed by music, and its fashion.


   Each episode will be composed of flashbacks in the Jonas family tree, generation to generation, going throw their own lives dramas, while showing each decades standards and how kids moved forward to break them, creating their own to be broken later-on, by their own kids… 

on and on.


   Zooties – Bikers – Hipsters - Teddy Boys- Modernists – Folkies – Rockabilies - Dolce Vitas – Ton-up boys – Surfers - Mods – Rockers – Swinging Londoners - Hippies – Greasers – Skinheads - Funks – Glams – Rastafarians  - Headbangers – Souls – Punks - Disco – Rappers – R&Bs - New Romantics – Goths – Casuals - Pervs – B-Boys – Raggamuffins - New Age – Ravers – Acid Jazzers - House DJs - Grunges Cyberpunks - Hip Hops – Technos…


   All of them witnessed and shifted from grand parents, to parents and children along The Jonas family.

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