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8 episodes x 45 min  I  Drama


   The lives of musical artists are full of fantastic tales that illustrate dream lives full of wealth, popularity, freedom and many other luck, that any ordinary human would dream of enjoying, believing that this is the only thing that passes through the existence of these stars.

   But within the lives of many of these personalities, there are dramatic, heartbreaking passages that few of their fans would dare to live to achieve stardom. Stories that challenged the capacity and resistance of these beings whose vocation was stronger than any obstacle, overcoming unimaginable barriers to reach the present dreamed of.  Real stories that forever temper the tune of success.


   In an agreement with record labels, publishers and their artists, Nitro Group presents a project for a drama series characterized by talented actors from the Hispanic world, recounting the critical passages of talents linked to this entourage.


   Produced between Los Angeles, Miami, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and the Caribbean, the series' stories would be selected from a list of artists from the Sony Music Latin group.

Each chapter will contain a particular and unique story, based on the reality previously told by each real protagonist.


   The scripts will contain subtle changes in order to make a television show, without allowing the essence and effect of the original story, shared by the artist, to be lost.

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