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4 episodes x 45 min  I  Drama


   Sometime in 2011, the satellite TV station RT, Russia Today, on Moscow's Somelinskaya boulevard, hires Jorge, a talented Spanish-speaking American reporter, as its news anchor. to give the news in the version for Spain and Latin America.

   After a strange farewell to his family in Puerto Rico, encouraging him and preventing him from keeping in touch, Jorge lessens his concern knowing that he will be seen on the screen daily.

   Jorge successfully begins his role, gaining respect from his work team. One day a news cable arrives describing a possible Iranian attack on President Obama. Patriotically, Jorge asks for a corporate telephone number to report to the White House and the networks in the USA.

   While waiting for support, he communicates privately with family and friends, but his cell phones stop working. Jorge receives an order from the head of the channel for a private meeting.

   Behind closed doors, they explain to him that it is news invented to sow ideology in Latin America. Jorge is disgusted by having to lie and manipulate his brother countries. 
   His bosses propose another assignment with a new contract, for which he must update his visa. When his passport is presented, it is expropriated and he is taken to his home in Moscow, locked up and guarded.

   After a few days, family and friends start to worry. When they take steps to ask the authorities for help, they receive mysterious threats. His mother and siblings begin to seek help by avoiding technological communications. Only in person. Even so, they suffer mysterious threats.

   Frightened, they put Jorge's children in a protected place and the mother in another, so that his brothers continue the search for Jorge. One traveling to Russia and the other from Puerto Rico.

   With the help of spy agencies, the brothers manage to connect with RT and the Russian government. They discover the confinement and achieve a communication with Jorge, monitored by RT. The brothers promise to influence Jorge to stabilize his character and do his job, if he gets out of prison. Failing that, they would denounce what little he knows on social media.
The Russians laugh at this, but they agree.

   Jorge is taken to the directory where the head of RT warns him and assigns him to the RT sports show, even without a passport. The family, threatened, withdrew the pressure when they saw Jorge on the screen.

   At a party Jorge meets Kathya, a funny Muscovite with whom he starts a romance. He soon enters her environment, very funny, but controversial, seeing himself in remote secret places.
   Jorge sees that it is a revolutionary group fighting against the Russian government's plan to dominate the world. This raises their concerns for their community, but even more, their personal safety and that of their children who live in the West.

   Jorge notices signs of police pursuit and they both are captured. She disappears and Jorge returns to his department with custody, with limited access to food, communications, and more. This not only shocks Jorge… soon his brothers suffer mysterious tragedies again. Frightened by this, Jorge's mother, his children, and his ex-wife, hide in a remote place in Mexico. There they live in fear of their environment, as unknown as Russia, although protected by certain friends.

   Dodging the mysterious attacks, the brothers turn to new connections, this time from US agencies in Puerto Rico. However, the sensitivity of the general relationship with Russia makes it very difficult for them to support them. Only some agents who know Jorge, lend themselves to participate unofficially, using cyber hackers in Puerto Rico to establish encrypted communications with Russia and press the release of Jorge.

   After months of uncertainty, the guards roughly drag Jorge out of his apartment. They blindfold him and take him for hours in a mystery car. They interrogate him and threaten with enigmatic speeches until they come to a stop. They take him down in a hangar area and two people in military clothing remove the blindfold and take him inside the building complex.

This turns out to be the back door of the Moscow airport where with one last threat to keep what happened a secret, they give him his passport and a ticket to the USA with which Jorge can return home. Excited, Jorge begins the walk to the plane. Thousands of flashes pass through his memory. Suddenly he turns to look back. The guards are gone. Jorge changes his gaze to one full of courage and steps out of the line to get on the plane.

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