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120 min Feature Film   /    6 episodes x 45 min  I  Drama

The Driver

   A powerful tyrant abuses power, cruelly subduing citizens, in the name of order and common welfare.

  Throughout decades of rule, he is challenged by opposition forces, but also by ordinary citizens turn into criminals, only to try to exit unfair submission. 

  A group of brothers organize a brave robbery. The first and only bank heist under this government.

  They storm a bank branch in a remote industrial city and, using the racing driver skills of one of the brothers, escape to the capital in half the normal time, where they celebrate his birthday, all as an alibi.

  They succeed in their plan and split the loot to hide it in parts, with friends along the city. But some time later, the implacable Tyrant discovers them, recovers the loot and unloads the punishment with all his fury.

  However, this only opens the way for a new revenge plan


  The Driver entrusts some of The Commandants party members and develops a plan that ends with the tyrant assassination and free of the country.

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