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120 min Feature Film   /    4 episodes x 45 min  I  Documentary


   The common point of social failure on civil armed violence:




   This varies in each society depending on the cultural and social paradigms of each area or group.


   In developed societies such as the US, the perception of weapons is based on the lack of contact with armed violence at the territorial level, which allows citizens to perceive violence as a distant and thus fun lifestyle, thanks to the entertainment business, disguising the real effects of gun violence.
Frustrated citizens are induced to exhaust their anger through armed social crimes by following examples without conscience.

Entertainment in which the armed revenge looks fair and the actors make death look fantastically heroic ...


Why would a man fire a machine gun in a school?

Why would a child be a soldier for a rebel army?

Why does a man choose to be a suicide bomber?


In all cases they lack true awareness of the consequences of their actions:


   In this documentary project we explore a solution, reversing the formula responsible for the current confusion of values.



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