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120 min Feature Film   /   10 Episodes x 45 min | Drama

In My Shoes

   In the late 1930’s, a family gets dismantled when the father dies of tuberculosis.

Father’s mother enslaves his widow wife as a servant and distributes their 5 children with relatives along the USA.

  The youngest, Lucy, grows up within family in Boston. At 11 years old, her grandmother brings her back home and sells her as a slave-wife to a 45 years old husband that Lucy calls The Man, who only visits her once a month to rape her. 

Thus, he turns a mother at 12, 14 and 15 years old.

  Along those years, she makes it to go to school and develops skills as a dancer, hiding her ID to perform in shows that leads her to meet a young singer named Elvis. A god believer, honest, lovely and humble boy.

    As divorce is no aloud to Lucy, Elvis becomes her secret lover, helping her to endure her slavery.

    By the late 40’s, 18 years old, Lucy escapes home from The Man, with her 3 children and pregnant again… never telling Elvis, for everyone’s safety.

    Once arrived in Colorado she gives birth to this 4th kid, very different to the others. She names her Desiree and gives her Elvis’s last name, sure of his fatherhood.

    Missing him much, she stays in hiding taking care of her girls by herself. She prefers Elvis to grow his rocketing career without having her as a burden… Lucy stays watching Elvis on TV playing songs with hand signals he promised to be for her

     Long time after, now a celebrity, the singer reaches her out to Lucy. He is desperate for her. He needs help. He needs her love.

    They start to meet again, always in secret.
Not only hiding from the press, but now from her new good husband and a family, with 6 children all together.

    Underneath his success, Elvis is still a god believer, honest, lovely and humble boy.  They both get to understand each other troubles of living in their shoes. 

     They remain lovers while kids grow, but Elvis gets in bigger need of her. His entourage is getting vicious, and threatens his health. Upon this, with everlasting love, she decides to set all up to move in with him, 30 years later…telling him for the first time about his daughter….

    But 2 weeks before her move-in date, destiny comes across once again.

   The enormous stress and excesses, accidentally kills him in August 1977.

     Her name is still Lucy De Barbin. 
     His name was Elvis Aaron Presley

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