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10 Episodes x 45 min | Reality


   Let's discover the eccentric environment of private jet flights, serving millionaires of all stripes. Entrepreneurs, artists, athletes and politicians.

   Exotic requirements, emergency flights with high security and luxury services are commonly provided to anywhere in the world with unexpected companies. Generally needing vertiginous logistics, where organization and planning brings  high pressure, from extreme complications to be resolved with clarity and discretion. Whether by mistake or in purpose,  some things go well and some others... go wrong

   A group of successful businessmen serve this company with great logistics organization and passion for service in order to meet those eccentric requirements, which go beyond flights:


Ground transportation,

Good company,


All in maximum luxury versions. 


   To do it successfully, they use great commercial and social skills, to define every day money making possibilities.

Among the protagonists, Mark will bring customers, no matter how delusional the requested service is. More crazy, more expensive. Gordon will take care of the logistics for the sold services, distributing tasks between Jerónimo the PR, Alejandra the stewardess and the pilot on duty, all supervised by administrator Leomaris.
    All of this happens combining their private lives matters almost as curious as those of the clients.


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